Domestic Violence Charges Are Serious And Require Appropriate Legal Representation

Arguments between family, friends and others happen, but when the police get involved, severe and costly consequences can occur. Criminal charges, along with protective and peace orders, can be filed containing serious allegations of violence against you or a family member. These cases can be emotional, upsetting and difficult to handle. You need an experienced advocate on your side to set the record straight, protect your rights, including the ability to stay in your home, and see your family members and fight the charges levied against you.

Our attorneys have experience in handling physical violence and domestic assault, spousal abuse, harassment, trespassing and other allegations of domestic violence. These allegations include disputes between spouses, relatives, cohabitants and former friends.

Get An Aggressive Legal Advocate On Your Side

The potential penalties for a conviction of a crime of violence can vary widely, depending on the nature of the allegations and the result of the court proceedings. While a trespass may result in a fine, an assault involving a weapon or resulting in serious injuries can result in a lengthy jail sentence. Do not go to court without an experienced legal advocate on your side and to aggressively represent you.

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